Is Europe A Godless Civilization?

The West as a whole, and not just Europe, faces a double political challenge from religion today. One is to realize that the world is full of peoples whose genuine faith in the divine gives them a precise, revealed blueprint for political life, which means that for the foreseeable future they will not enter into the family of liberal democratic nations. Only if we give up the fantasy of a universal historical process driving all nations toward a secular modernity can we face this fact squarely and humanely.

The other challenge is to learn how to distinguish between those whose political programs are inspired by genuine faith, and those whose defense of religion is inspired by a reactionary utopianism having less to do with God than with redirecting the faulty course of history. In radical Islam we find both phenomena today, authentic faith and antimodern fanaticism, shaken together into an explosive cocktail.

And even in the United States we are witnessing the instrumentalization of religion by those who evidently care less about our souls, or even their own, than about reversing the flow of American history since the “apocalypse” of the 60’s.

– Mark Lilla


Evangelism – Nominals vs. Nones

As nominalism shrinks, and secularism rises, our approaches become less effective amidst a reality where almost every church is targeting nominals…

Evangelism – Nominals vs. Nones

Most people in America are nominal Christians. About half the people in America call themselves Christians, but they don’t have any statistically discernable life change…only 25% of Americans call themselves Christians and have demonstrable engagement in that commitment. This reality, and its changing numbers, are essential to understand the future of outreach and evangelism. The challenge is that most of our church-planting efforts target the fastest shrinking segment. We are focusing on those who are nominal Christians because we think this will yield us the greatest result or provide us the easiest path to seeing people attend our church…However, the category of nominal Christians is the fastest shrinking category today. Perhaps 20 years ago, nearly 60% of the population was nominal Christian. Yet now, nominalism is declining about 1% per year…Today, most unchurched people we reach are either dechurched, formerly churched, or are a kind of nominal Christian who is not antagonistic towards church people…when we look at younger adults (specifically college students) only 30-35% would fit the same description as nominal Christians— and many more are secular…As nominalism shrinks, and secularism rises, our approaches become less effective amidst a reality where almost every church is targeting nominals…there is really no marketing-based approach that is going to significantly relate to an increasingly secular culture. We cannot plant churches among secular people in the same manner that we plant among nominals and expect the same return…As we reach nominal Christians, we need to also train people to start reaching the growing secular context…

– Ed Stetzer

Salvation and Election

Salvation is like an election. From the beginning, God decided He would not “rig” it. At the “ballot-box” of eternity, God “voted” for you to go to heaven. Satan “voted” for you to go to hell. YOUR vote “breaks the tie”!

Pentecostal Offerings “When Pentecostal

Pentecostal Offerings

“When Pentecostal lines are struck, Pentecostal giving commences. Hundreds of dollars have been laid down for the sending of missionaries and thousands will be laid down. No collections are taken for rent, no begging for money. No man’s silver or gold is coveted. The silver and the gold are His own to carry on his own work. He can also publish his own papers without asking for money or subscription price.”

– From the first edition of the “Apostolic Faith” newspaper reporting on the outbreak of revival at Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906.

Prayer Provokes Gratitude

Prayer Provokes Gratitude

If you pray continually about the little things in your life, you will be grateful continually. If you only pray about the big things in your life, you will only be grateful occasionally.

– Peter Greig

The Church As The Answer “The most inte

The Church As The Answer

“The most interesting, creative and political solution we Christians have to offer our troubled society…is the church. We serve the world by showing it something it is not, namely, a place where God is forming a family out of strangers.”

– Stanley Hauerwas