What Every Sick Person Needs to Know About God

Streaming our service live from Antioch Church last week brought back memories of the days when Teresa and I did a lot of television. This evening, I stumbled across this old YouTube video of us guest-hosting Pastor Mike and Hazel Simons’ live telecast. Teresa and I talked about divine healing that day and towards the end of the broadcast, I sensed an unusual anointing as I talked about “What Every Sick Person Needs to Know About God.” Given the coronsvirus pandemic circling the globe today, my message from back then is more relevant now than ever before! The video quality of the YouTube video is not the greatest, but the audio is fine and I believe the content will encourage and inspire you. The divine healing theme was woven throughout the broadcast that day, but my actual teaching began about an hour and a half into the program. Teresa and I went on to record 331 daily episodes of our own “Word and Spirit” daily live broadcasts, including ten episodes dedicated to explaining the gift of spiritual language (commonly called speaking in tongues.) If you would like to watch any of our archived Word and Spirit programs, you can find several of them online by simply Googling “Mark Brand Word and Spirit.”

Author: Mark Brand

Born in 1960, Mark was raised by ministry parents in the USA and South America. A fourth generation pastor, he sensed his own call at a very young age. Before coming to Dallas in 2003, Mark ministered as an itinerant preacher, Bible school instructor, and career overseas missionary in partnership with Teresa, his best friend and wife of more than thirty years. While living in Paris, they helped lead a French-language congregation and trained emerging spiritual leaders throughout Europe and in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In 2011, the Antioch Church family embraced Mark’s vision to relocate into the heart of downtown Dallas. Mark and Teresa’s greatest earthly joy is their two children, Charity and Jean-Marc, who were born to them as answers to prayer following many years of infertility. In addition to serving as a Team Antioch ministry volunteer, Teresa home-schooled their children in partnership with the Coram Deo Academy where she teaches elementary school while she pursues her MA in Teaching at Dallas Baptist University. Mark holds a Master of Arts from the University of Birmingham (U.K.) and has begun his DMin at Fuller Seminary as part of their Holy Spirit Leadership and Ministry Practice cohort. Antioch Church website: http://www.teamantioch.com Mark's former blog: http://teamantioch.blogspot.com

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